Dream Traveler Cover

Legendary music. Jazz inspired.  Masterfully performed by talented Chicago-based musicians. Highly recommended for those who enjoy inventive interpretations of some of the best popular music ever.
“What’s a song but someone’s dreaming?* Multiplicity’s new album, Dream Traveler, is a finely produced live recording that invites listeners to join in a captivating, jazz-inspired journey through time, space, and song.  Barb Kalnes’ compelling vocal interpretations unite with the band’s fresh arrangements and creative improvisations to bring new life to the musings of legendary composers. Presented in Multiplicity’s signature style, this recording showcases works by master songwriters Harold Arlen, Duke Ellington, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Chuck Mangione, Johnny Mercer, Joni Mitchell, and others.
Annually for the past five years, Multiplicity members have traveled to Northern Wisconsin to reunite with friends and perform at various venues. Each year, White Winter Winery in Iron River has graciously hosted a Cellars Concert featuring the group (aka Reunion Road Band) as a means to benefit breast cancer awareness/early detection in the Northwest region of the state.  Multiplicity members also have presented educational workshops as a means to bring the history and spirit of jazz music to young people. 
 *from Chuck Mangione’s “Land of Make Believe.”
This recording features:  
· Barbara Kalnes, lead vocals
· Tom Kalnes, keyboards/arrangements
· Gary Swiontek, bass
· Michael Levin, woodwinds
· Joe Lindzius, drums 
Many thanks to our friends and fellow dream travelers: 
· Jon & Kim Hamilton and the entire staff at White Winter Winery, Iron River, Wisconsin
· Austin Hamilton, on-site sound management and recording
· Bethany Childs, Ralph Loza, Anders Van Marter, sound mix engineering, Experimental Sound Studios, Chicago, IL. 
· Eric Nelson Yoder, master engineering, Horse Drawn Productions, Berwyn, IL. 
· Gary Swiontek, cover concept and graphic design
Enjoy the music! 
Barbara Kalnes, executive producer, BLK Music c. 2017.  All rights reserved.


  • Recorded February/March 2013 at Horse-Drawn-Productions
  • Recorded and Mixed by John “Jackson” Bohmer
  • Mastered by Eric Nelson Yoder